Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Summer 2018 # 3


On the Oregon Trail near Walla Walla.

 killed the missionaries and eleven others.

The Manhattan Project needed water, power, and isolation.
 All of this for the enrichment of uranium 
and the building of the atomic bomb.

Canoe Camp in the Nez Perce NHP 
and on the Lewis and Clark NHT.

The Spalding site of the Nez Perce NHP

The usual!

Clear Creek Falls in Wenatchee National Forest
We just came up out of a lot of smoke
 and were happy to see this.

On the west side of White Pass we
 had our first view of Mt Rainier.

On the Cowlitz River at our RV park.
  We used this spot to visit the eastern side of Mt. Rainier NP.

The entrance.

Sunrise viewpoint.

Hiking in the meadows of Mt. Rainier National Park

The seed pods "mouse on a stick".

Another great view!


Heading to the western side and Paradise.  

Hiking in the Paradise meadows.

On the Dead Horse Creek and Morraine trail.

Into the meadows.

Plenty of falls on this side of the mountain.

Narada Falls-upper 

Narada Falls-lower

Christine falls.

On Reflection Lake.

Lots of fires and smoke as we pick 
our way the the Oregon coast.

Chehalis Thousand Trails blackberry picking!
  These plans are considered noxious and invasive 
in parts of Washington, but the fruit is tasty!!

on the north spur of the Oregon Trail.
That is a western red cedar and 
looks much larger in person.
Tom, I always think of you when we 
visit and old growth forest-be well.

National Volcanic Monument
At the visitor center.

Great film of the eruption and walk to view the mountain.

Coldwater Lake in Mount St. Helens NVM.
This lake was formed during the
May 18, 1980 eruption of the volcano.

On to Oregon!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer 2018 #2


Lolo Pass.  From here it is 100 miles downhill.
US Highway 12 goes through the Bitterroot Mountains 
mostly along side the Lochsa River.

A walk through the meadows
 at the Forest Service Visitor Center.

One of many stops to enjoy the river.  Notice the "white" sky?
  There was lots of high smoke from the California wildfires. 
 Fortunately the air quality at ground level was good.

Its not a long walk to the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs,
 but a beautiful one through the cedar, fir, spruce, and pine trees.

We begin the hike by using the suspension bridge.

A forest service posting that we may encounter nude hikers!

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs.

Nude hikers!

We made an evening hike to soak.

And a morning one.

Nearly down the hill at a great lunch/nap spot.

 sites are all along US 12.
The Corp of Discovery was here too. 
It seems that we cannot get away from them!

The Visitor Center and great museum.

The usual.