Monday, May 8, 2017

Texas and home to Florida

Texas to Florida

We drove all 881 miles on I-10. 

We toured here and stayed a couple of extra days
 to avoid severe storms on our route. 

Flower bouquet from the Hill Country.

Visiting downtown San Antonio and the Alamo.

On Alamo Plaza

At the front entrance of the church.

The Riverwalk near Alamo Plaza.

All good walks deserve an ice cream.

Four Missions and we toured them all.

Too much history to remember.

All of the history is interesting, but slavery and disease
 overshadowed all of the good. 

The Mission church here was never completed so the
 granary was re-modeled as the place of worship.

A morning River walk in the King William historic district.

The best reason to stop in San Antonio!
Luis, Maya, Niescja, and Sebastian

Great visit, but I'm sure the kids had a hard time
 getting to sleep that evening, sorry!

A lot of I-10 driving and riding to:

A welcome back to Florida in Pensacola Beach.

Enjoyed the fly over so much, forgot to take 
early picture! of the Blue Angels.

In Tallahassee, lunch with friends,
Mary Tyler and Susan Anderson.

Our son's Tallahassee home just 
before deck construction begins.


Main structure completed!
  Rails and stairs next week.

A short trip to Thomasville, GA to see the largest
 Live Oak east of the Mississippi.

Nice day for a shady, tree hugging walk.

Our picture from the "tree cam"

A short drive south where we enjoyed 
a grouper sandwich and raw oysters!
  It is near the confluence of the
Saint Marks and Wakulla Rivers.

Another day

in paradise. 

Back in Ocala planning and practicing for our summer outing.

Pick your location.

Our planned location on ECLIPSE day!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Arizona 2

Arizona 2

The blooming desert near Oatman and on Route 66.

A light refreshment at "her place" in Oatman.

Watching the shoot out at high noon
 on the streets of Oatman.

A good place to visit.

Yeah, they are everywhere and they love carrots.

On our route home from Oatman.

This area is the most southern portion of

Grapevine Canyon in Nevada is a part of Lake Mead NRA.

We spent a pleasant morning hiking, climbing,
 and viewing the numerous petroglyhs. 

Because of all of the recent rains, the creek was flowing.
That was unusual but made the walk cool.

Evening walk on Lake Mojave, part of Lake Meade NRA.

Close up of the flowers pictured above. 

Lots of people think that Lake Mojave
 is the most beautiful man-made lake in the country.

Visitor's Center in Bullhead City.

Looking towards Laughlin, NV.

Best free entertainment, a boat shuttle across the Colorado River.
It heads to one of the casinos, of course.

The river walk in Laughlin, NV.
Just across the Colorado River from Bullhead City.

We have returned to the Yuma area for trips
 across the border to Los Algodones
This is by far our favorite border town. 
No crime and great fun.

New hair style.

Margarita salon, or is it saloon?


We lunched in several open air restaurants-our fish was piranhas filet.
That may be an alternative fish fact, but it was confirmed independently
 by two waiters!


Lunch, another day.

Cheers and Yum.
Judy and I both had about $4000 worth of dental work performed.
Here we're finished and testing the results of our $700 investment.
There are over 400 dentists practicing in town and 
almost all of them are trained in the USA.
  There are also several dental labs,
 so having a tooth prepped in the morning and 
the crown installed in the afternoon is quite possible.
Obviously, we chose the next day
 so we could enjoy the atmosphere another day.

Entertainment on the ride across the border.

Today, margaritas for breakfast!

And snack time with Mexican shrimp cocktail!

Today (3/20) we learned that Judy's sister
 passed away from a massive stroke.
Preparations underway to fly to southern Indiana
 for family time.

While we waited and waited for an oil leak to be repaired (motor home) 
we visited this park for its peaceful solitude.
We flew to Indiana the next day.


Upon returning from Indiana we had a chance to lunch in El Charro.
It is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the USA?

We also walked and the Presidio area of downtown Tucson.

Lots of history and construction.

Inside the Presidio San Augstin del Tucson.