Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Back to Florida

East bound

When we arrived at Verde Valley TT
we were told that all amenities were closed!
And the near by National Park sites.
Thanks Covid 19.
We had been looking forward to re-visiting the area,
 playing pickleball, and catching up with 
RV buddies we often see here.

As clearing came (two days of rain) we headed to the Sedona area
 and enjoyed a mostly driving tour of the town
 and surrounding red rock area.

North of Sedona we climbed in elevation
 and ran into the last spring snow.  

We drove up and out of Oak Creek Canyon,
 going from a couple inches of snow to about a foot.
(Slow motion film on cell phone)

We decided to head back to Florida to shelter-in-place.
Sunset Point rest area on I-17.

The blooming desert along I-10.

Another rest area, this one is near Las Cruces, NM
and has the world's largest road runner.

Cheap fuel for our return trip from Buc-ees, 
somewhere in Texas.  

In the Texas Hill country.

Louisiana, Atchafalaya NHA and rest area.

Atchafalaya NHA and rest area.  We over-nighted here.

Another damn rest area, this one in Mississippi.

Alabama RV park.
  We stopped early and enjoyed the hook-ups.

Oak leaf hydrangeas on our property in Tallahassee.

New begonia for the patio at our Ocala home.

U-pick blueberries, yum.

Friday, June 26, 2020



2020 route

From Yuma we visited this ghost town and mine.
 We had a nice walk in the desert.

Some of the ruins.

Our site in Palm Springs Thousand Trails.

Pickleball heaven in the Springs.

West of the Salton Sea is the town of Borrego Springs
 surrounded by this state park.

The Visitor's Center is where we were introduced to the area
 and the Sky Art Metal Sculptures.

The Juan Bautista de Anza NHT runs
 through here along with a sculpture.

Some of the sculptures are inspired by fossils from the area.

Some inspired by the local history.

And some by whimsy.  
This 350 foot serpent dives under a road, has the head of a dragon,
 body of a serpent and the tail of a rattle snake.
  It was the 129th sculpture installed.

We enjoyed a late lunch and margaritas after touring.

We cannot pass up a National Park!

A nice slow walk in the desert.

2003 Split Rock

2017  Split Rock

2020  Split Rock

Another short walk behind Split Rock.

Santa Rosa San Jacinto Mountain National Monument
is just outside Palm Desert and a beautiful drive into the mountains.

We traded date palm trees for eucalyptus trees when we 
arrived in Wilderness Lakes TT, near Menifee.
Daily pickleball here.

A short hike to an obscure water fall in the
 Cleveland National Forest.

We had a little rock scrambling to do.

Our site in Pio Pico TT near Jamul.
We enjoyed both palm and eucalyptus trees here
but no pickleball.

This is our great niece, Kendall.  
We traveled over 2300 miles to have lunch
 with her in Encinitas.

After lunch a visit to Moonlight State Beach. 

We took the Old Town Trolley tour of San Diego.

This is in the Italian section of the tour.

We ended the tour in Old Town for
 a late lunch, music, and gigantic margaritas.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Winter 2019-20

Winter 2019-2020
Westward bound

Florida route.  Once again we rented our home to Gloria for the winter.
  She takes good care of our home while she escapes the cold of Canada.

Celebrating an early Christmas with our son, Brian.  
Cindy did a tremendous amount of work in preparation. 
 Her family joined us.
Thank You!

Of course we traveled through Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico.
 Fortunately nothing exciting happened on I-10.

known as America's foreign country. 
 It is a mostly untouched river/swamp system. 
We overnighted in the welcome/visitors center.

Merry Christmas.

Onward through Texas, only took  a week and a half!

Waco Mammoth is a new National Monument and our
 376th National Park site we have visited.

The dig site tour.

Arizona route.

Crossing Texas wore us out, so we stayed in
 Wilcox for a couple of nights.
  This visit to Chiricahua National Monument is a repeat visit.  (1999)

Beautiful tree, Judy and a pretty good picnic lunch in the monument.

We spent 2 weeks in the Yuma area and twice visited our friends
 we met while on our 2005 Copper Canyon, MX tour.
Joann and Nai
Missed you Don and Barb, but we did toast you.

We took a drive to visit the world's largest gem/RV show.
We bought neither!

  Jefferson Davis wanted to transport goods
 and people across the desert via camels.
  The Civil War stopped the experiment.
Syrian caretaker, Hadji Ali (Hi Jolly) remained
in Quartzite and the camels were set free. 
The last reported camel sighting was 1942.  

Los Algodones, MX is a border town near Yuma,
 but across from Winterhaven, CA. 
It is a dental/optical/tourist town that draws thousands daily.
  We visited 4 times and it would be safe to say that we enjoyed
 APPROXIMATELY 4 margaritas.
  Plus several meals, music, dancing, and hair care.




Lunch with Nai and Joann.  And fourth.

Music and dancing.

During hair styling.

The new hairdo/color/cut.  And fourth, again.

Shrimp cocktail.  And fourth, again.